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Our shopping cart is not yet available on the Faithrace website directly as of yet. We are working on this and it will be brought to you as soon as possible.


Ordering our product right now is simple and can be done in 3 easy steps.


Step 1: Determine where you are in the world, if you are ordering for yourself or for someone else. We have all our distributors listed on the website on the distributors page. Simply choose your contact from the 7 available.


Step 2: Find the Faithrace information you need on the website. Alternatively if there is no website link available, kindly contact the person who is listed in the description. They are an independent distributor and will be able to assist you with your order. 


Step 3: Await delivery of your order after payment has been made.


* NOTE * When you contact an independent distributor they will be able to assist you with payment methods and delivery options. 

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